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Ben Mangan: Obama’s Post-Presidential Speech?

Was President Obama’s State of the Union Address actually his first post-presidential speech — a framework for shaping the national agenda after he leaves office? Ben Mangan, executive director of the Berkeley-Haas Center for Nonprofit…

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Laura Tyson: What Obamacare Tells Us About Achieving Social Impact

[getty src=”169969779?et=cW-Su01ITTZJRrpoZstk2Q&socialOnLoad=off&sig=JcTX1iKyWG8fiEcwecrhO-MP7ez5hBO4VnzwVifjpdU=” width=”507″ height=”338″] At the Institute, we consider it axiomatic that the most difficult public challenges require innovation across many sectors – government, for-profit business, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropists. In a new column for…